Since 2002 Vancouver Medical Mattress Experts has been providing the most comprehensive and custom solutions for all mobility requirements. Our business has grown by delivering the right product with excellent service to each and every client.

We are committed to a program of ongoing education with all our staff. Vancouver Medical Mattress Experts management are also mobility and seating specialists and work closely with their sales teams who are seasoned industry professionals with years of experience. We believe in making the products fit the client, not making the client fit the product.

We provide custom alteration and design options that accommodate every mobility need. Vancouver Medical Mattress Experts works closely with funding agencies and insurance companies across Canada and is a registered vendor for DVA , MHSD, NIHB ,WCB, ICBC, Pacific Blue Cross , Manulife , Sun life  and many others.

Benefits of Choosing Vancouver Medical Mattress as your Partner:

Our Products:

Vancouver Medical Mattress Experts offers a complete line of products:

  • Manual & Power Wheelchairs
  • Scooters
  • Low Air Loss & Pressure Management
  • Scooters
  • Systems Seating & Custom Fabrication
  • Aids to Daily Living; Reachers, Dressing Aids, Walking Aids
  • Transfer Solutions Stair/Porch Lifts Van Conversions Bath aids

Our services offered to you:

  • Mobility, Custom Seating, Pressure Management, Rental Product, Custom Fabrication, Education, 24-Hour Emergency Service.

Preferred Supplier Status

Your home has chosen Vancouver Medical Mattress Experts as their preferred supplier of mobility and safety equipment.

“What does this mean to you? It means that if you the client require health care equipment, such as a wheelchair or other privately purchased items you will receive value-added services at no charge over and above those offered by others suppliers.”

Do I still have a choice? Yes absolutely, just because your home has chosen Vancouver Medical Mattress Experts as their preferred supplier doesn’t mean that you can’t make your purchases with another supplier.

Facilities that Vancouver Medical Mattress Experts is the preferred partner:

  • Dufferin Care Facility – Coquitlam
  • Madison Care Facility – Coquitlam
  • Lake Shore Care Facility – Coquitlam
  • Maple Ridge Seniors Village – Maple Ridge
  • Holyrood Care Facility – Maple Ridge
  • Grey Stone Manor – Maple Ridge
  • Baillie House – Maple Ridge